Overeating and Obesity

Overeating and obesity are complex pathologies that require a fairly long-term treatment aimed at definitive healing and non at temporary weight loss. Most methods in fact, utilize the hypo caloric therapy associated with physical exercise.
However, this approach often fails as the patient soon regains all the lost weight. Obesity is not only the result of a quantitatively and qualitatively misguided diet, but also of hereditary, genetic, and physiological factors (menopause, hormonal change, inflammation…), iatrogenic factors (medicine intake, quitting smoking…) or even by an imbalance in the microbiome, or by an altered lifestyle (dietary habits, sleep disorders, sedentary behavior) without forgetting psycho-emotional causes.
In order to really heal from these types of pathologies, a holistic, personalized therapeutic plan with the aim of optimizing balance and psycho-emotional well-being is essential.
At first, the patient will be guided in the self-aware elaboration of the problem. What follows is a phase of dietary education along with a series of motivational exercises, activities of thought and emotion awareness as well as exercises in dietary planning, etc…Lastly, will be developed different strategies for the consolidation and retention of the results reached by the patient.

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