Neuronutrition is the combined result of neuroscience, nutrition, psychology, as well as other aspects that are not directly related to nutrition such as meditation, yoga, and selfawareness.

Neuronutrition aims to understand how our diet influences our brainfunctioning, helping us to quantitatively and qualitatively correct eventual imbalances. The goal is not to treat the symptom but rather to understand the causes of psychic and behavioral reactions, identifying the root reasons for poor or excessive eating. This is in contrast to other diet regimens whose sole interest is weight-control, which is actually just the consequence. Therefore, neuronutrition helps to improve all brain-related aspects of our daily life: memory, concentration, mood imbalance, stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, addiction, depression, eating disorders. It also helps prevent neurodegenerative pathologies. With the help of evaluation measures, questionnaires, in addition to blood tests, it will be possible to identify and correct a series of nutritional imbalances that may be the real cause of your problems. 

This is done without neglecting the chronophysiology of nutrition. Indeed, It is very important to provide our brain all the necessary nutrients but it is also essential to take them at the right moment. Using data-analysis, it will be possible to create a plan for the patients with the goal of correcting for nutritional quality and quantity, chronophysiology of nutrition, micronutrient intake, possible latent metabolic acidosis, acting on the intestinal flora and integrating anti-stress methods to help rebalance the brain. In this way, you will be able to improve your mood, develop a strong mind, and increase the possibility of good health over a lifespan.

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