Feed Mentis

Feed Mentis (from the English word «feed» and from the latin mentis «mind» translatable as mind-nourishment) is a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach described by Dr. Cristina Bertollini as a holistic vision of health that conceives the person as a mind-spirit unity.
Nourishing one’s mind is not reducible to the interaction between food and brain. Rather, it is an awareness of how a sustainable approach to personal health may prevent and cure certain illnesses. Poor nutritional habits play a crucial role in the genesis of many nervous illnesses as well as in the onset of neuro-degenerative diseases. Likewise, many kinds of food produce vitality, happiness, energy and enthusiasm at all levels of being. Yet humans cannot survive only on ingestible nutrition. Emotional, intellectual, and spiritual nourishment are equally as important. Therefore, for true well-being to be achieved, a mental, emotional and energetic balance is essential.
This is reflected in the deep connection between the internal and external worlds of the human which is at the heart of this form of therapy: an indivisible bond shaped by biological, emotional, cultural, spiritual, economic, and social factors.
Every human being is unique and thus requires a personalized approach health programs and therapeutic advice suitable to his/her individual context and personality.

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