Nutrition and Sport

Physical activity represents one of the healthiest habits for an optimal physical, mental and emotional balance. There are many benefits this can have on well-being:
It improves life-quality, reduces anxiety, stress, depression as well as the risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies, infections and tumors, and protects from neurodegenerative diseases, accelerates the metabolism, improves sleep quality, cognitive ability, self-confidence and helps maintain good psychic balance. A healthy and balanced diet, along with good hydration and an overall healthy lifestyle, represent the surest way of satisfying the particular energetic and nutritional needs of athletes.
An athlete’s diet is substantially similar to that of a non-athlete. However, the mealpreparation requires a more sustained energy provision. The best dietary regimen is always the one most suited to one’s unique corporal structure and metabolic rhythms. Yet, it also depends on nature, and on the frequency and intensity of the physical activity.
Nutritional supplementation for athletes (both elite and amateur), is based on the elaboration of programs aimed at:

  • Optimizing training and competition performance.
  • Weight-control and weight-loss
  • Increase of muscular mass.

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